Privacy Policy

This is a simplified English policy. For any questions please reach out to

Who we are

Our website address is:

This is a small single owner company located in South Carolina, USA.

What data do we collect

This site collects as little data as possible for individual users. Your IP Address is used to serve the page requested back. Cookies are used if you attempt to use a login. We do not collect email, personally identifiable data, or other such things using this site.

Broad statistic information is collected and reviewed locally for website improvement. This information contains number of visits, bandwidth, and most visited pages.

Apps, such as roots, collects user diagnostic data that is deleted after 90 days, this includes your device general information and what error you are experiencing.

My Mini Factory, a store partner, collects and uses data outside of this policy. Using their site is agreeing to their terms. We do not share personal information with My Mini Factory.

What rights you have over your data

We strive to follow all applicable privacy laws. As no personal data is kept, there is nothing to request to be deleted.