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Roots is a unique relaxing snake like puzzle game. You play as a tree trying to collect fertilizer and reaching the water below.  Start with simple mechanics, and observe as powerups provide fun twists to keep you engaged.

Each level can be finished in under 10 minutes, making this a great puzzle game for on the go.

Quick Info

Learn more about roots and its creator.

Roots is a unique puzzle game where you play as a tree trying to collect fertilizer and reach the water.  You can only move on each tile once.  Obstacles and fertilizer itself act as challenges.  Collect all the fertilizer to master a level.

It is available on the App Store and the Play Store free with limited ads.  It is also available for Linux, Mac, and Windows at under a pay what you want model.

Roots is a highly polished puzzle game, with over 18 months of dedicated developement to bring people a satisfying puzzler.  Designed to be played in short increments you can help your tree grow across 96 unique levels.  New mechanics are sprinkled throughout the game to keep you engaged.

That's me! I am a solo developer who created the sound and art for Roots.

I started in Unity to learn how to make a level editor for a popular game, and as I learned it I wanted to make more and more.  With a game idea I had long ago, I embarked on "Roots" in October of 2017.  

The development of this game was streamed on Twitch, countless people have provided help and support toward this game. It would not have been possible without them.



Game Basics

Roots starts simple, with you, the fertilizer you want, and the water below.  Collect some of the fertilizer and reach the water to complete a level, get all the fertilizer and master it.

Fertilizer Moves You


Fertilizer moves you one additional tile. If that places you on a fertilizer it moves you another tile, and so on.


Watch Out

You can't go over spots you have already walked, fertilizer can trap you by moving you into a spot with no escape.

The clearest route isn't always the best.

Plan your path

Think carefully, the first route you see may not be the best one.


Very relaxing game play! Challenging, but not too frustrating. Great game!

An excellent puzzle game from a really awesome developer!

Relaxing game to play. Enjoy the soundscape.


Powerups provide more options to the player.  From ones that let you break through rocks to others that let you retrace your steps, each provides more possibilities and increased difficulty.

Fertilizer Moves You

Rock Smasher

Break up rocks with this power pill, usable only once! 

Twisted Roots

Roots Twister

Move over spots you have already been, usable three times.

Powerups Stack


Powerups combine together, opening up more options for play.

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